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Twin Rivers Animal Hospital Commercial Shoot

Twin Rivers Animal Hospital

Doctor Shapley

In May I was hired by Twin Rivers Animal Hospital in East Windsor, New Jersey to photograph their veterinarians and staff.  The hospital had a number of new faces on their team, and they wanted to use the images we shot to re-introduce themselves into the community.

I worked with the hospital manager to set up the session, and one of the messages she indicated was important to portray through the photos was that the staff loved animals.  Seems obvious, right?  But as I look at many animal hospital websites they do a good job of showing how professional their people are, often at the cost of causing them to appear to be distant and aloof.  Twin Rivers wanted the images to show both the skilled medical professional AND the person who loves animals.  That made the shoot more fun for me, as each of the docs, techs and staff brought (or borrowed!) a dog or cat to be in their photo with them.  There was a Golden Retriever, a Bulldog, and even Bogey, the Sharpei.

The images are placed throughout the Twin Rivers website, and they are used in their printed materials and posted throughout the hospital.  Patients and their humans can get to know the team a little better when they see a smiling face next to an impressive resume.  The team at Twin Rivers were happy with the results.  And if they’re happy, I’m happy!