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Favorite Holiday Pet Photos 2012

This year I shot far more holiday pet photos than ever before.  Between early December and Christmas I shot almost 70 different animals of different shapes, sizes and even species (there was one cat!).   I was fortunate to partner with Lucky’s Bed & Biscuit who generated a ton of interest and filled three days of shoots.  I returned to Camp Bow Wow for the fifth year to offer a day of portraits there.  And I enjoyed the opportunity to work with several private clients, visiting their homes and welcoming them to my basement studio.  It was fun to meet the different models and work with them to draw out their personalities – or, in some cases, tone down their enthusiasm! – to make a great holiday portrait.  Below are some of my favorite shots from the season.  Many thanks to everyone who brought their pets in front of my lens.  I appreciate your business and hope to work with you again in the future.

Horses at Hidden Creek Farm

Last Sunday we had a great afternoon photographing the horses and humans at Hidden Creek Farm in Warren Grove.  We were hired by Leslie and Reggie, who own Lucky’s Bed & Biscuit in Manahawkin, to photography Leslie’s horse Trigger and his five stable mates.  Leslie and the other owners bathed and groomed the herd before Kate and I arrived, and I’ve never seen whiter nor felt softer horses in my life.  They were stunning.  As was the weather and the light and the scenery at Hidden Creek.  We did head shots of all six horses and action shots of three.  I could have stayed all night and all week!  The horses were magnificent and the humans were welcoming.  It was obvious they love their horses and that feeling is mutual!  Here are a few of the many shots we took that afternoon.