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Horse Show Photography at Forest Edge Farm

I love doing horse show photography.  Partly because, like any sports photography subject, it can be challenging to nail the timing and the lighting and the angles to make a good image.  But mostly because I have so much admiration for the athletes, human and horse, who deliver incredible performances together.  On Sunday I had the opportunity to photograph riders at the Fall Show at Forest Edge Farm in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.  It was a beautiful fall day, which made for some great light and backgrounds.  And the riders and horses worked hard and performed well.

horse show photogaphyOne of the highlights of the event – of all horse show photography – for me was watching the perseverance and grit of the riders.  On example that stayed with me was a young woman who took a head-over-heels tumble off of her horse when the horse stopped at a fence.  The crash was dramatic, and there was a collective gasp from the audience as we watched.  The young rider stood up, collected herself, gave her horse a few minutes to relax, and then jumped back in the saddle and rode the last three fences of her round perfectly!  I was so impressed with her fortitude.

I left with a memory card full of photos, a few of which are below.  Click on a thumbnail to see a larger gallery.

*Looking for the full gallery of over 200 images?  Click here!*

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Horse Photography in Moody Middleburg

I spent the weekend doing some horse photography in Middleburg, Virginia.   My wife was riding in the Middleburg Classic Horse Show and I made the trip down to watch her compete.  It was a beautiful weekend for a horse show, and also for making pictures.  Both mornings a thick fog covered the rolling hills of northern Virginia and created a moody, sometimes surreal feel to the place.  By mid-morning the sun cooked off the mist and the autumn light was ideal for show horse photography.  I couldn’t have ordered better light!  Click on one of the thumbnails below to see some of the results.