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Gibson, Nova and Snowy

Three Dogs and Four Ferrets

I had the pleasure of working with Jenn and Keith to photograph their menagerie – three dogs and four ferrets.  Yes, ferrets.

I had never worked with ferrets before, and when Jenn set up the session she asked if I was willing to give it a try.  Always up for a challenge I told her to bring them along.  The dogs, Gibson, Snowy and Nova, were all great models, and we captured some nice shots of each.  Gibson was jumping for joy and it was fun to capture him in mid air.  Snowy has mastered his begging skills.  And Nova offered gremlin noises as feedback on the situation.

Then it was ferret time.  Keith placed Smokey on the table and I wondered what would happen.  Smokey wandered about and explored the four corners of the table, seemingly looking for an escape route over the side.  Keith thwarted the escape and held Smokey by the scruff of the neck which, apparently, settles a ferret down.  It seemed to work as Smokey let out a huge yawn within seconds.  And he posed like a pro.  We repeated the process with his three ferret brothers, and it was interesting to see how each one had his own personality and interests.  One was very interested in a squeak toy, another in the sound of rustling plastic.  Keith did a great job of wrangling, and in no time we had a card full of nice portraits.

In my website bio I joke about photographing lemurs.  After this I think I am slightly more qualified to do that.  Thanks to Jenn and Keith for a great session!