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A Pet Photography Session with Stella

One never knows how a pet photography session is going to go.  You can talk with the animal’s humans and get a sense of the pet, prepare your gear, conjure some ideas for scenes and lighting and props, and be ready on time.  But how the shoot goes is really up to the pet!  This is never more true than when the model is a puppy.  So when I was preparing for my shoot with Stella last week I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I could not have asked for a better model!  Stella, though only seven months old, was a star.  When her mom Patty opened the door Stella sat dutifully a few feet away waiting for permission to greet me.  It was clear that she was turning inside out with excitement, and yet she sat in place and waited until she heard “scram”, the magic word (Stella’s humans use “scram” so that she doesn’t get confused by commonly used phrases like “Good girl” or “Okay”).  And the focus and self-control she displayed in the early part of my visit carried through the rest of the session.  Stella was all puppy when she could be, and professional model when she was asked to be.  She was perfect.

The highlight of the photography session was when Stella’s dad Jim rolled out his 1986 Harley Davidson.  The bike was in pristine condition and the colorful paint and bright chrome made a great backdrop!  Stella rose to the occasion once again, and I was able to capture some great shots of her using both natural light and a strobe.

One never knows how a pet photography session is going to go.  But Stella reminded me that even a young novice can be the perfect model!

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