GoGo’s Glam Shots

I love dogs.  Each one is unique, if not in appearance then certainly in personality.  My session with GoGo reminded me just how unique some dogs are in appearance!

GoGo is a Chinese Crested mix.  And though I had seen the breed on TV and in dog shows, I had never met one in person.  GoGo is a sweet soul, rescued from Tennessee by her humans Marie and Jimmy.  She visited on a snowy day and was – necessarily – wrapped up in her winter coat.  When she came inside and was able to to take off her jacket it was interesting to feel her lack of coat.  I am so used to petting a dogs fur that at first it felt odd to pet skin.  But GoGo liked it just the same!  She was gentle and sweet and a great model.  Part of her natural style includes a Mohawk hairstyle which we used to our advantage in a few shots.  GoGo brought her own wardrobe, too.  I especially liked the pillbox hat!  Marie was kind enough to sit in front of the camera as well, and they looked terrific together.  Here are a few shots from our session.

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