Deep Thoughts Help Inspire Animal Adoptions

In June 2012 there was a dog at the local shelter who had been a resident far too long.  Duke was a handsome, sweet, fun, healthy boy, and at only 9 months old should have been scooped up by a family quickly.   But for some reason he wasn’t getting the attention he needed to help him find a home.  I brought Duke to my home and made some studio shots of him to try and help promote him via social media, Petfinder, etc.  Around that time I had an idea: What if Duke was a deep thinker and could reference a philosopher or a poet or a great leader to make his own appeal for a new family.  And thus the Deep Thought Banners were born.  Happily, Duke was adopted shortly after his banner debuted on Facebook.  And there are many more success stories that were helped along by the banners.  I thought you might enjoy seeing them all in one place.   And since they’re working…stay tuned for many more to help inspire more animal adoptions!

One thought on “Deep Thoughts Help Inspire Animal Adoptions

  1. Lisa Prince Fishler

    These are all so awesome Mike, in fact, so much so, that HeARTs Speak members AND our first calendar, have followed your lead. I love how these quotes give voice to the animals while simultaneously honoring them and the incredible people you are quoting. A win/win all the way around. *L


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